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sanitation practice test   Colocation Service 
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  What is Internet

Internet bandwidth or
  transit in simple terms, is
  the transmission speed or
  throughput of your
  connection to the Internet. 
Read more

  Guidelines on choosing
  a Service Provider
  If your company is
  planning to purchase
  wholesale bandwidth, we
  have compiled a few
  guidelines to help you
  choose a Service
  Provider.  Read more

  What is a Dedicated

A dedicated server is a
  type of Internet hosting
  when a business or client
  leases an entire
  server not shared
  with anyone.  Read more

  How much Internet
  Bandwidth do I need?

  Since bandwidth is a
  significant factor of hosting
  plan prices, you should
  take the time to figure how
  much you need.  Read


  What is Oc-48?
OC-48 is a type of Internet
  connection.  It stands for
  Optical Carrier Level 48,
  which equates to 2.488
  Gbps of transfer.  Read


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The DSL Providers Source

Choosing a DSL Provider

Selection of a DSL Provider that will suit your business will probably be a combination of a number of factors.  A DSL Provider who has been in the business for some time usually have gotten their system right and can offer the most trouble-free service. Also look for DSL Provider that will offer 24/7 support both online and by telephone, that will keep your business up and running.



Now the DSL market has matured the  pricing has become quite attractive. DSL Provider are always offering special deals, which can be a very good incentive to use DSL. Shop around and talk to a number of DSL Providers to see what incentives they have to offer.

A DSL modem is required and the prices of these can be substantially. When choosing a DSL Provider some of them will supply one at no cost when you join. Also, when they provide the modem as  part of the package you are ensured you are getting the correct modem.

What is DSL?

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line and its allows high speed connections over copper telephone wires. A DSL connection provides anywhere between 144 Kbps and 1.5 Mbps of bandwidth. A DSL is broadband based technology which means that the data to and from your office travels over the wires via a high-frequency carrier signal.

Types of DSL

At the present time they offer three different types of
DSL. They are:

  • ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line)

  • SDSL (Synchronous Digital Subscriber Line)

  • IDSL (Integrated Digital Subscriber Line)   

SDSL is used for business that require larger bandwidth or have multiple users on the Internet. The ADSL is generally used for home and small business because of its larger data rate downstream. This means user can download faster than it can send data. SDSL is a dedicated bandwidth while ADSL is a best effort bandwidth. The IDSL is used when services are unavailable due to distance limitation from the phone company's central office. The maximum distance that you can be from the central office is three miles.

Major DSL Providers

Below you can read notes on the major DSL providers including Bellsouth, AT&T and SBC.  These are simply the overview by the reviewer to help you find and select the DSL provider that is available in your area.  Read more about the Major DSL Providers overview.

DSL vs Cable Providers

When comparing Internet service via DSL vs Cable there are a few things to consider.  First is availability in your area.  Call the local Cable providers and DSL providers and check the address to see if they offer service at the location.  Next you will want to consider the speed options and cost differences of these two services.  Read more about Cable vs DSL.  

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SBC DSL was generally available in the SBC phone coverage areas which included large parts of the Western States such as Texas and California.  Read more about SBC DSL.


AT&T bought SBC in 2007 and renamed the whole business AT&T.  They still have separate networks though to the consumer they go under the one name.  Read more about the new combined coverage area and the AT&T DSL service options.

Verizon DSL

Verizon is another of the major baby bells who offers DSL service.  Check out the Verizon DSL options and coverage areas.

Bellsouth DSL

Bellsouth is the fifth DSL provider that we offer details on their service.  Read about the Bellsouth DSL service coverage areas and also about their general options.

Westell DSL

Westell DSL is the 6th most searched DSL provider.  Read more about some of the main Westell DSL options and coverage areas.

DSL Modem

Generally a DSL Modem is needed to setup DSL in your home or residence.  A DSL modem communicates over the phone line with the phone companies DSLAM.  Read more about DSL Modems.

DSL Speed

DSL Ranges in speed of service generally from about 256kbps speed up to about 3Mbps, though some larger DSL providers are offering forms of DSL that are supposed to be up to 11Mbps.  Most of the time DSL is faster in download speed and slower in upload speed unless you pay a higher fee for SDSL type of service which is the same speed up and down.  Read more about DSL speed

Wireless DSL

Wireless routers can take any Internet service such as DSL and make it available throughout a home or office with a wireless DSL router.  You can also search the Internet today and find Cafe's with wireless DSL Hotspots.  Read more about Wireless DSL.

DSL Routers

A Router is much faster than a hub or modem and will often have a firewall capability.  The main difference between a switch and a router is that the router has a smart chip like a computer.  This enables it to handle processes such as a firewall.  Read more about DSL Routers.

DSL Speed Test

There are many different available DSL speed tests to check if you are getting full speed out of your Internet service.  You can find software to do this or free online DSL speed tests.  read more about options to do a DSL speed test.

DSL Phone

Because of VOIP services becoming commonly available, there are now many different DSL providers who are also offering DSL phone service as a part of the package deal.  Read more about DSL Phone services.

Cheap DSL

Shop around and compare cheap and expensive DSL services.  Often you will find that there is little actual differences in the services other than the wording they use to make it sound like the more expensive services are worth the higher rates.  Read more about Cheap DSL services.

Because your DSL connection will be with you for some time it is worth choosing a plan and a DSL Provider that not only gives you what you need today, but can also grow with you. Look for a plan that will give you the most flexibility and room for future growth.

Bookmark us as your source for:

DSL Providers


Great Internet Bandwidth Articles

Useful and interesting information to know about Internet bandwidth, data centers, colocation, and dedicated servers can be found in our site's resource articles.  A few of the articles are listed below:

  What is Internet Bandwidth?

  Wholesale Internet Bandwidth

  Low-Cost Internet Bandwidth

  What is a Gigabit?

  What is a Colocation Data Center?

  When is it best to use Colocation and when is a Dedicated Server the best choice?

  Top Tier 1 Internet Backbones for Wholesale Internet Transit

Below are more resources on bandwidth articles: 

  10GigE (10 Gigabit Ethernet - 10,000 Mbps)

  GigE (Gigabit Ethernet - 1,000 Mbps)

  Oc 48 Internet Bandwidth

  Oc 192 Internet Bandwidth






DSL Providers










Select a DSL Provider That Will Suit Your Business.









DSL Providers Should  Offer a Flexibility Plan To Grow With Your Business


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rink Bandwidth features

Bandwidth  Provider Facility/ Network Top Features

A Worldwide Tier 1 Redundant OC192 Backbone with additional 10 GigE Network. 

Internet Backbones Available.

Redundant UPS and Prime Source type of generator backed up.

24/7/365 Security and Technical Support within the Colocation Data Center.

      Questions you should ask before purchasing bandwidth.

Do they charge an extra monthly fee for cross connects and IP addresses?

Is the Internet Backbone or Data Center Provider financially profitable and stable?

Does the Provider have brand name customers?

High Tech Office Space at Colocation Facilities

Does the Provider have multiple  locations?


  Education Plans
Free 1,000Mbps Internet Bandwidth for Qualified Education Networks.  Special Program from Worldwide Tier 1 Network.
more details>>


  Internet Bandwidth
  By Facility Location
Select the geographical area below that you are looking for to find a Bandwidth Service Provider Facility.
Hurricane - Fremont, CA Internet Bandwidth

PAIX - Palo Alto, CA Internet Bandwidth

Equinix - San Jose, CA Internet Bandwidth

Market Post Tower Internet Bandwidth - San Jose CA

Equinix - Los Angeles, CA Internet Bandwidth

One Wilshire Internet Bandwidth - Los Angeles, CA

The Seattle Westin Building Facility Internet Bandwidth - Seattle, WA

NAP of the Americas Miami Internet Bandwidth - Miami, FL

Equinix - Chicago, IL Internet Bandwidth

Equinix - Dallas, TX Internet Bandwidth

Equinix - Ashburn, VA Internet Bandwidth

PAIX - New York, NY Internet Bandwidth

LEVEL 3 - New York, NY Internet Bandwidth

Telehouse - New York, NY Internet Bandwidth

Telex - New York City, NY Internet Bandwidth

165 Halsey - Newark, New Jersey Internet Bandwidth

56 Marietta Data Center - Marietta, GA Internet Bandwidth

Telehouse - London UK Internet Bandwidth

Amsterdam NL AMSIX at NIKHEF Internet Bandwidth Amsterdam

InterXion Hanauer Landstr - Frankfurt, Germany Internet Bandwidth

Telehouse Paris-Voltaire - Paris, France Internet Bandwidth

SITEL Telehouse -  Internet Bandwidth Pragie, Czech Republic

151 Front Street Data Center, Toronto, ON -Canada Internet Bandwidth

Colocation Info:
The Colocation Provider Directory

Colocation News Articles

What is a Colocation Center?
A colocation center is an
environmentally-controlled, secure facility that businesses use to store company data in an off-site location.

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